[DBD-Raws][假面骑士铠武/Kamen Rider Gaim/仮面ライダー鎧武][01-47TV全集+特典映像][1080P][BDRip][HEVC-10bit][FLAC][MKV]_bbdacg.cpm,acghentei

 片名:假面骑士铠武/Kamen Rider Gaim/仮面ライダー鎧武

编码:HEVC-10bit(H.265 10bit) 分辨率:1080P 集数:01-47TV全集+特典映像 音频花样:FLAC 音频语言:日语 压制:DanteW&我是1213 文件宣布:DBD制作组   先容:假面骑士铠武,蓝光1080P版,铠武活跃的舞台是在一个新兴都市。以伟大企业为焦点,经济十分繁荣,然而却有种闭塞的感受,于是年轻人通过跳街舞驱散沉闷的气氛。在这些年轻人中央,暗地里盛行着一种通过lock seed召唤小动物Invase,并让它们相互战斗的游戏。这些小动物Invase在游戏举行中会从打开的“异天下之门”现身,然而通往“异天下”的门却最先在天下各地开启,招来了威胁人类的危急。   从异天下泛起的怪物事实是?它们的目的是?   假面骑士铠武将若何拯救全人类的危急?他的对手骑士的运气会是?在混沌的现代社会,为贯彻信心而战,简直就是假面骑士的战国时代!用鲜艳的水果lock seed变身,厚重感满溢的骑士战斗要最先了!   已经确立DBD分流Q群,迎接人人加入分流大队:560823326 DBD论坛:dbdsub.com 本组已有爱发电主页,希望人人有能力的可以孝顺自己一份气力,谢谢人人支持 爱发电主页:https://afdian.net/@112127luji DBD制作组正在招募:翻译,时间轴,校对,字幕,美工,宣传,片源,特效,压制等成员,有兴趣的同伙迎接加入DBD制作组:1040411052   谈天吹水群(特摄):746546998 谈天吹水群(动漫):1158412873 微博:DBD制作组 B站主页1:https://space.bilibili.com/97177229 神圣路基艾尔 B站主页2:https://space.bilibili.com/476857955 神圣之路基艾尔 下载工具请使用:qbittorrent,uTorrent等正规下载工具上传,下载完成后请打开软件再尽可能多上传,人人为我,我为人人,让其他人能够尽可能快速地下载并保持上传。   Google Translation: Title: Kamen Rider Gaimu / Kamen Rider Gaim / Kamen Rider Gaim Encoding: HEVC-10bit (H.265 10bit) Resolution: 1080P Number of episodes: 01-47TV full episode + special video Audio format: FLAC Audio language: Japanese Suppression: DanteW & I'm 1213 File Release: DBD Production Team   Introduction: Kamen Rider Kaiwu, Blu-ray 1080P version, Kaiwu's active stage is in a new city. With huge enterprises as the core, the economy is very prosperous, but there is a sense of isolation, so young people dance to disperse the dull atmosphere. Among these young people, there is a secretly popular game of summoning small animals Invase through lock seeds and making them fight with each other. These small animals Invase will appear from the "door to another world" that is opened during the game, but the door to the "other world" begins to open all over the world, posing a crisis that threatens human beings. What is the monster that emerged from another world? What is their purpose? How does Kamen Rider Armor save all mankind from a crisis? What will be the fate of his rival knight? In the chaotic modern society, fighting to carry out the faith is like the Warring States period of Kamen Rider! Transform into a bright fruit lock seed, and the heavy knight battle is about to begin!   The DBD Diversion Q Group has been established, and everyone is welcome to join the Diversion Brigade: 560823326 DBD Forum: dbdsub.com This group already has a homepage of iPower, I hope you can contribute your own strength if you have the ability, thank you for your support Love Power Homepage: https://afdian.net/@112127luji The DBD production team is recruiting members: translation, timeline, proofreading, subtitles, art, publicity, film sources, special effects, suppression, etc. Friends who are interested are welcome to join the DBD production team QQ group: 1040411052   QQ group (special photo): 746546998 QQ group (anime): 1158412873 Weibo: DBD_SUB bilibili 1: https://space.bilibili.com/97177229 bilibili 2: https://space.bilibili.com/476857955 Download tools, please use: qbittorrent, uTorrent and other formal download tools to upload. After downloading, please open the software and upload as much as possible. Everyone is for me, I am for everyone, so that others can download as quickly as possible and keep uploading.

[爱恋&漫猫字幕组][2022年1月][善于捉弄的高木同砚 第三季][01-12Fin][1080p][AVC AAC][简中]